Last December, 2018, I took my twins daughters to Baluran National Park. I would like to introduce nature and show what I have done in conservation to them. Baluran is the best example of a savanna in the eastern part of the island of Java. Being on the edge of the Situbondo – Banyuwangi highway, makes it easy for us to visit this national park via land routes. You can also use the air line to Banyuwangi Airport and continue the journey for about 1 hour to the location. The ticket prices for local tourists is IDR 15,000 / person, while for foreign tourists Rp. 250,000 / person. The price is cheap compared to if you visit the zoo.

From the entrance to the National Park, you will find beautiful Monsoon Forest and Evergreen Forest. Next you will arrive at the Bekol savanna which is a favorite destination for tourists.

Wild Deer and Wild Buffalo in Savanna “Bekol”

In this location you can stay at the ecolodge and watch the beautiful scenery in the morning. In the savanna you can see wild deer and wild buffalo and peacocks. If you are lucky, along the way, you will find some passing jungle fowl and hornbill.

Savanna “Bekol”

The last destination is beach bama where we can take a break while enjoying the beauty of a calm beach without waves. Here children can play and swim safely.

Bama Beach

Let’s visit our national park.






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