This time, I would like to share human interest photography techniques or portrait photography … It was done so that I was not ridiculed by my friends who said I could only capture nature, landscape scenery and wildlife that had never protested. … 😁😀
Actually, I’m not too good at photographing humans … because it’s very difficult ! 😂

So, from learning and training with high complexity 👻👻😅 … I want to share some principles and technical issues related to human interest/portrait photography …
It will begin with the following photos of the Point of Interest and composition explanation. Hopefully useful….


All photos taken by Fujifilm XT10, XF 18-55mm lens, XF 27mm, XC 55-250mm …

Point of interest (PoI) in portrait photography leads to the focus that you want to highlight in the picture. In the context of this photo more on the expression and activity of picking the tea
In my opinion, one of the strengths of delivering messages in portrait photography is capturing expressions and characters.
In some cases, portrait techniques are often displayed in the form of black and white … The reason is to strengthen the character and the message to be delivered …
| Composition 1/3 + diagonal | Combination of rule of third, for example in the background forming a diagonal line pattern … The expression taken in a “candid” will give the impression of a natural …
| Diagonal composition | … In the photo, the composition forms a diagonal pattern from the lower right to the top left … The strong impression to form perspective is the size of the front object is bigger than the background object ..

to be continued …….

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