This is some techniques which i often used..😉..To produce dramatic, natural and characterized portrait images (“bokeh”) requires techniques that need to be exercised such as framing, panning, slow speed, high speed, composition, etc …

I prefer to use a telephoto lens above 55mm to produce portrait “bokeh” …Here are photos with techniques explanation …

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Framing with the foreground is obscured … 250mm telephoto, F / 6.4, speed 1/60s … It’s best to take pictures in the morning or evening to get soft light and avoid perpendicular shadows covering your face during the day.
This photo uses ISO 3200 because it’s a bit cloudy …then the image was noise … The essence is to capture moments and dramatic expressions images …Lots of training to get your “feel”
Dramatic scene – one way to make dramatic photos is to look for an impressive perspective … The foreground also influences the situation … In the photo above if there is no blur foreground of tea leaves and mountain as well as fog in the backgrounds, the picture will be visible just normal … Keep using the telelens above 55mm …
Another technique is reflection… It’s good to do in the afternoon or morning to get a good shadow and lighting … keep in mind the composition …
High speed … Used to freeze motion.. I used 1/1000, continuous shutter, F/5.6, 800 ISO and 250mm telelens …Capturing in the afternoon around 4:30 p.m. so that the afternoon light bias produces dramatic effects …
Slow speed is to use for produce a motion effect. The photo above with a speed of 1/30 .. Regular exercise is needed for your stability of holding the camera and exercise breathing settings when pressing the shutter button …  Not everyone can be stable at speed 1/15-1/30 seconds …

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